As a regulated firm, our highest priority is keeping your assets, personal and financial data safe and secure. We keep up-to-date with best compliance practices and use multiple layers of security, in every component of our systems to keep your accounts and your money safe and your information private.

Secure Institutional-Grade Storage

Asset custody & personnel data

Compliant Products & Solutions

AML/CFT & KYC solutions approved by regulators

Regulated in the US & EU

Approved by the SEC and the AMF

Insurance Policy

Coverage of funds through service and liquidy providers

Account Security

  • 2FA Authentication
  • SMS/Email Verifications
  • Authenticator App Support
  • Whitelisting
  • Withdrawal Confirmations
  • Login Alerts Military-Grade 256-bit Encryption

Upwealth is built with compliance and security as our top priorities. We understand the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements and maintaining the safety and security of our clients’ assets. Therefore we have implemented strict compliance measures to ensure that our platform is fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

Additionally, we employ state-of-the-art security protocols and use industry-leading technology to protect our clients’ assets and personal information. Our platform is constantly monitored and audited by a team of security experts to ensure that it remains secure at all times. With our platform, you can have peace of mind that your assets are safe and that you are in compliance with all relevant regulations.


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To strengthen the business, Wealth Square uses our partners enterprise solutions that incorporate Level 3 of the Cryptocurrency Security Standard. CCSS Level 3 requires multiple agents for all critical actions, as advanced authentication mechanisms are used to ensure authenticity of data, while assets are geographically and organizationally distributed.

Your personal information is contained in secure networks and is only accessible to a limited number of people who are required to keep the information confidential. All sensitive information you provide is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

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