Manage your assets like never before

Securely connect your wallets and crypto exchange accounts.


One simple dashboard for all your investments

300+ wallets, exchanges 
& protocols supported

Real-time data displayed for

optimal management


See the big picture& make better decisions

The dashboard you need to visualize your PnL, asset allocations and portfolio valuation to make informed decisions. Fine-tune your strategy and keep on track with your financial goals.



Whether you’re fully invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoins it is crucial to know the weightings of your investments across all your Web3 accounts. Our tools give you a clear picture so you can make the right adjustments when needed.


An all-in-one solution formodern investors

Synchronize all your accounts in one place to see your portfolios and balances in real time.


Why use a portfolio tracker?

Upwealth’s portfolio tracker allows you to have a comprehensive view of your investments in one place, which can help you make more informed investment decisions. It can help you monitor your portfolio's performance over time, track your gains and losses, and identify trends and patterns which can also be helpful to select the right coins and tokens.

How does our portfolio tracker work?

Upwealth’s portfolio tracker is connected by API and works by automatically pulling data from the exchanges or wallets where you hold your cryptocurrencies, such as your balance, transaction history, and current market value. We only request view permissions to help you analyse your crypto assets performances on other platforms, this do not grant us access to your private keys or authorize us to initiate fund withdrawals.

Why should I see all my cryptos in the same place?

By having a comprehensive view of your crypto assets, you can better manage your overall risk exposure and make informed decisions to diversify your holdings. It is important to know if you’re underexposed or overexposed to a specific coin or digital asset sector according to your global investment strategy to make appropriate adjustments.

What makes Upwealth portfolio tracker different?

Unlike other crypto portfolio trackers, our tracker consolidates all the assets from your cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and protocols, providing you with the weights, profit gains, and percentage returns for each external account. This includes your assets held with Upwealth. This initial step is essential for effective long-term investment strategy management.

How much does it cost ?

It's free and unlimited ! You can connect as many cryptocurrency exchange accounts, wallets and protocols as you like.