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You are connected to the website, published by Upwealth Digital Asset Management SAS, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €50,000, registered under identification number 888 724 630 with the RCS Paris, whose registered office is located at 31 Avenue de Ségur, 75007 Paris, hereinafter referred to as “the Company.”
The VAT code for the Company is FR86888724630. The Company is a digital asset service provider (DASP) registrered with the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) under French law for the following services:
For the service of buying or selling digital assets for legal currency
For the custody of digital assets on behalf of a client
For trading digital assets against other digital assets
The publication director is Darren Moonoosamy, in his capacity as the legal representative of the company.
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The company may be subject to identity theft. Clients who fall victim to fake Upwealth platforms will not be able to claim a refund of the money invested on these platforms. It is your responsibility to carry out necessary verifications.

The company strives to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information published on the site, reserving the right to correct the content at any time and without prior notice. However, it cannot guarantee the completeness or absence of modifications by a third party (intrusion, virus). Furthermore, the company disclaims any responsibility in the event of errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in this information, as well as in the case of interruptions or unavailability of the site.
Any information or data related to digital assets is provided for informational purposes only, even if it has been sourced from reputable and reliable sources. It should not be considered by the Company as an offer to buy, sell, or subscribe to digital assets, nor as an offer of digital asset services, and it cannot be construed as an inducement, advice, or recommendation to engage in transactions involving the mentioned digital assets.
The Company disclaims all responsibility for the use that may be made of this data and the resulting consequences, particularly for any decisions made based on the information contained on the site.
There is a risk that clients may make untimely investment decisions due to a lack of information, incomplete or incorrect information. This risk can arise from clients giving credence to unreliable sources of information, misinterpreting correct information, or even communication errors.
It is strictly prohibited to publish, rebroadcast, retransmit, or reproduce the financial information and data contained on the site for the purpose of transmitting them to a third party. Any unauthorized reproduction or broader exploitation of the information and data published by the Company is the responsibility of the user and may result in legal action, notably based on claims of infringement.
Using any form of automatic data scraping to gather information from the Company is expressly prohibited. Any attempt at automatic data scraping will immediately result in the filing of a complaint.

It is reminded that no hyperlink can refer to the site without the prior and express authorization of the Company. In the absence of such authorization, such a link is considered as constituting an act of infringement.

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The user acknowledges having been informed that the present site ( is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Company does not guarantee uninterrupted accessibility to the site. The Company may interrupt access, particularly for maintenance and emergency reasons.
In general, the Company reserves the right to close access to all or part of the site in cases of force majeure, as defined by jurisprudence, mainly including technical failures, hardware, software, and internet network issues that could result in service suspension or cessation. If this occurs, the Company will make efforts to notify users and restore service as soon as possible.
The Company is committed to making its best efforts to secure access, browsing, and usage of the site in accordance with internet usage standards. However, the client is solely responsible for securing their account, their two-factor authentication (2FA) system, and, more broadly, their computer systems, email, and phone.

As a result, the Company’s liability cannot be invoked for:
Temporary interruptions of the site related to site updates.
Temporary interruptions of the site necessary for developments or maintenance.
Operational difficulties or temporary interruptions of the site beyond the Company’s control, particularly in the event of interruptions to electricity or electronic communication services.
Failure or malfunction of the internet network in the transmission of messages or documents.
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Acknowledging your understanding of the nature of the internet, especially its technical performance and response times for accessing, querying, or transferring content.
Recognizing that the communication of your access codes or, in general, any information deemed confidential is done at your own risk.
Ensuring that your computer’s technical characteristics allow you to access the content.
Taking appropriate measures to protect your own data and/or software from potential virus contamination through the site.

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All information relating to risks can be consulted on the regulatory compliance page.